BC correction of a series of 1d spectra by Doppler shift

The script BC-dopplershift_1d_spectra_fits_series.py (download here) corrects a series of 1d-spectra xyz.fit in fits format of an object measured at one location around the barycentric correction.

Writes 3 files (xyz_bc.fit,  xyz_bc.csv and xyz_bc.dat) of the BC-corrected spectra into the
working directory. The respective BC is noted in the the header of the
generated fit.

Please note:
The coordinates of the star and the observatory  must be adjusted in the script to the respective case!

The observation time must be exist in the 1d-fit in the
header as a parameter called ‚JD-OBS‘ as JD in float format.
If the parameter is missing it must be entered using the keyboard.
It is then also entered into  the header of the BC-corrected xyz_bc.fit.other than ‚JD-OBS‘

If the observation time in the header is recorded in another variable other than ‚JD-OBS‘ , this must be changed accordingly in the script in lines 86, 87 and 90.