Measuring the Equivalent Width (EW) of a line

You want to know the EW of a line in absorption or emission, for a single or a whole series of normalized spectra. The spectra are available in fits format. This is done by the script, which you can download here.

Using the script is very easy. After the start you will be asked for the path and the name of the spectrum(s). Enter the name (use wildcards !).
You can enter the wavelength range for which the EW should be calculated in two ways: Interactively by clicking with the left mouse button in the diagram of the first spectrum left and right of the line or alternatively manually by entering the two wavelengths.

A printout is then generated in the console as follows:

Path and name of the spectra (use wildcards) : *

List of spectra:

[‚‘, ‚‘, ‚‘, ‚‘, ‚‘, ‚‘]
Number of spectra: 6

Do you want to enter the integration limits manually or by mouse click (graphically)? Enter m or g: g
Selected integration area: 6550.565503225806 bis 6570.111296774194 EW = 1.5046892912561325 EW = 0.9044460449251398 EW = 0.8791576947759719 EW = 0.8296353222024833 EW = 0.7468332584244372 EW = 0.8918024153684037

The two wavelengths clicked on are marked as yellow dots in the diagram.