Use of Spyder

Spyder_leerWhat does this Spyder development environment look like now and how do I work with it?

The picture shows the window that opens after starting Spyder3. At the bottom right is the IPython console, where you can execute Python commands immediately. In the upper right corner the variable explorer is opened, which shows already defined variables. And on the left the window of the editor is open. In it the programs (scripts) are designed. They can then be executed with F5 or the green arrow. The results are displayed immediately in the Python console. For a detailed description of how to work with Spyder, please refer to the Help in the menu above or the Spyder documentation.

For a smooth working with Spyder, especially regarding the display of actively editable graphics, I recommend the settings for the IPython console according to the picture below-mentioned.IPython_Konsole.png