Time series of 1d spectra graphically displayed

After a longer observation of objects one feels the desire to compare the 1d spectra visually with each other. This includes a plot of the spectra on top of each other and offset on top of each other. The script  timeseries.py does this task (download here).

The fit files are read in from a folder, a wavelength range is selected and then the trimmed 1d-files are saved as new fits.

In an intermediate step, the program internally checks whether all header entries required for the calculations are available. If header entries are missing, this will be reported. They have to be added manually in the fits files (see Checking and correcting the header of a series of 1d spectra in fits format).

In one plot they are plotted on top of each other and in a second plot they are plotted on top of each other, but vertically offset by a variable value. This parameter (offset) can be adjusted in line 95 to satisfy the appearance of the graphic.

Since 20.4.2020 a third graphic is integrated. It separates the spectra along the y-axis according to the time of observation. To adjust the appearance of the graphic, a variable in line 97 can also be adjusted.

The graphics are automatically saved as PDF and PNG.omi Leo_timeseries