View of a 2d CCD image of an echelle spectrum and creation of cross profiles through all orders

It is often desirable to check Echelle 2D images shortly after exposure. Are they  overexposed, sharp, is there scattered light, is the orientation within the CCD field of view ok? To answer such questions, the script (download here) displays the selected frame as a b/w image in an active graph (for better visibility of the orders set min. and max. value in the button image parameters of the graph).

The graphics are automatically saved by the program. If you want to save changed graphics, you have to do it manually (button in the upper bar).

The general statistical data that appear in the console (programmed from line 33) give first indications of over or alternatively under exposure.

Then three column profiles are created, the central pixel column and the hundredth from the left and right edges, and then displayed graphically. If the orders are vertical in the image, please adjust the script: swap x and y in line 40.